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CeTape - Flexibility on a Roll

CeTape - Flexibility on a Roll

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Embrace the future of spatial orientation with CeTape, a meticulously crafted adhesive tape. Not only is it embedded with optical reference markers, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and flexibility in the 3D realm for your CeConstructor, but it also promotes an intuitive user experience. Relocate your CeConstructor or the object you're working on seamlessly within the workspace; our high-adhesive CeTape keeps things in check without any messy residues.

But our commitment doesn't end with just superior technology. We're steadfast in our dedication to the environment too. CeTape stands out as a testament to this promise. Entirely plastic-free, this adhesive tape aligns with sustainable practices and can be discarded directly with cardboard. Every inch of the tape, down to its adhesive crafted from eco-friendly natural rubber, echoes our ethos of innovation intertwined with responsibility.

Give your CeConstructor the anchor it deserves without compromising on the planet's well-being. Choose CeTape – where precision meets sustainability.

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