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CeConstructor - CAD Construction Tool (Base System)

CeConstructor - CAD Construction Tool (Base System)

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Why CeConstructor?

  • Parametric CAD Capturing
  • Fast and Simple Digitization
  • 2D+3D DXF Export

Dive into the next generation of CAD digitization with CeConstructor. Crafted to bridge spatial features directly into your CAD realm, it works synergistically with CAD software, adding dimension to your ideas.

CeConstructor is your ally in transforming features into parametric CAD geometry on-the-fly. Whether custom parts or existing elements, effortlessly import your digital blueprints into any venture.

Go beyond the ordinary with the ability to draft designs directly in 3D space. Visualize drawing the design on your object as effortlessly as ink on paper. With user-centricity in focus, you can export these sketches as DXF files, ensuring they're CAD-ready. Plus, its prowess in recording specific 3D coordinates expands your design horizons.

Our philosophy with CeConstructor is simple: redefine CAD design by emphasizing quickness and ease. By fostering direct object interaction, we bypass the drawn-out, often frustrating data edits, assuring a streamlined, smooth design journey.

Experience our tool's intuitive nature as CeConstructor's probe becomes your digital quill. Sketch on planes with unmatched precision, much like conventional drawing. Complementing this are its mobility, a user-centric remote, and versatile probe sizes for adaptability.

Integration with CeConstructor is fluid and straightforward. Its captured geometries are compatible with widely-used CAD software, ready to be imported as DXF files, amplifying your efficiency. Moreover, our intuitive smartphone app ensures your tool's operation remains a breeze, propelling workplace efficiency.

Offering unmatched flexibility, the CeConstructor lets you define your workspace. Using our eco-friendly CeTape marked with reference indicators, position CeConstructor with precision. Recognizing its locale via these markers, it ensures meticulous work in diverse settings.

CeConstructor's design philosophy emphasizes adaptability in the working volume. Cater to specific applications with adjustable volumes. For vast objects, although accuracy might marginally taper beyond specified dimensions, you have the CeExtender as an ally for maintaining precision.

Experience CAD design evolution with CeConstructor. It's not just a tool - it's a paradigm shift in design efficiency and adaptability.

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What's in the Box?

Your package is a comprehensive kit comprising a durable tripod, a foundational camera base, and two high-performance USB cameras. For optimal digitization, we include probes in two sizes, the unique CeTape, and valuable accessories. Along with this, a cloud license grants access to our user-centric software.


  • Two USB 2.0 Cameras: Precision capture tools.
  • Camera Base: The camera's anchor point.
  • Large Tripod: A sturdy tripod for optimal camera elevation.
  • Small Tripod: Ideal for confined spaces or intricate tasks.
  • Probes: Two sizes, catering to diverse applications.
  • 4 Star Screws: Secure your cameras with confidence.
  • Extension Cables (5 meters): Alongside the standard 1-meter cables, offers a combined length of 6 meters for extended reach.
  • USB Connection Clips: Ensures a firm connection, safeguarding against pulls.
  • Clipper: Keeps your USB cables organized.
  • Calibration Plate (Size M): Precision calibration for stellar results.
  • CeTape: Our signature tape for flexible workspace customization.
  • Handbook: Step-by-step guidance on leveraging your tool.
  • Invoice: For your records and administrative needs.


When you invest in CeConstructor, a cloud license for CeStudio awaits, ensuring you enjoy all its features with complimentary updates. This license is bound to your provided user credentials, guaranteeing personalized usage. For its activation, an initial internet connection is imperative. If migrating the license becomes essential, we're here to assist, reinforcing our commitment to a seamless CeConstructor experience. Also included is the complimentary CeController app.

System Requirements:


  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 (or superior)
  • Memory: Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Minimum 128 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 2 GB free space
  • USB Ports: Two free ports (USB 2.0 or superior)
  • Internet: Active connection


  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit) or superior
  • Drivers: Updated graphic drivers (NVIDIA or AMD) and system updates
  • Applications: CeStudio and CeController App
  • Optional: Tablet or smartphone compatibility for the CeController App, WiFi for linking CeStudio and CeController App.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Echte Alternative zum 3D Scanner

Ich habe mit das Feedback zu einer der Beta Einheiten vor dem Kickstarter geben und benutzt.
Die nutzung ist auf jedenfall gewöhnungsbedürftig, man benötigt eine Ruhige Hand und am Anfang etwas gedult.
Wenn man einmal in dem Prozess drinn ist, ist ein Ventilatorflügel den man mit 12 unabhänigen Skizzenebenen einscannt in gut 10 Minuten Fertig und braucht nur noch in Fusion 360 entsprechend erhoben werden.
Damit das sauber klappt sollten allerdings die Fangpunkte entsprechend im Programm ausgelegt sein, hier 0.05mm zu wählen lässt in einer Skizze dann entsprechend Skizzen offen von den man normalerweise ausgehen würde das Sie geschlossen wären, dafür ist das System dann zu genau.

Vom Scan bis zum fertigen CAD Modell sind es somit 25-30 Minuten Anstatt 4-5 Stunden.
Sehr zu Empfehlen!